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Walker Family Band Camp 2018
Welcoming FAMILIES and musicians of all ages interested in Traditional Celtic, Old Time, Jazz Improvisation, and MORE! Classes for Fiddle, Cello, Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Penny Whistle, Ukulele, Dance, Pottery and Children's Activities. 

The Walkers invite you to share the spirit of our music and our lives through The Walker Family Band Music Workshops.

The Walker Family Band Summer Music Camp fosters holistic approaches towards personal growth, group dynamics, music making and loving relationships. We demonstrate how practicing these approaches positively influence every aspect of our daily lives. On the sacred grounds of the Blowing Rock Conference Center, we have found a welcoming mountain retreat where families come together in unity, while recognizing that each participant finds his own path toward spiritual development.

In our lives, we practice living in an atmosphere of Acceptance and Harmony. We play and enjoy music to radiate Peace and Joy to everyone around. At our camps and workshops, we share a wealth of experiences and skills to help parents develop a home of peaceful and enjoyable music making. We encourage parents and participants to develop skills that satisfy the WHOLE SELF. Our goal is to provide a family camp experience that honors more traditional methods of teaching – mentoring by example, learning tunes by watching and listening, forming groups of all ages and abilities - to help develop everyone’s individual skill level, thus, increasing enjoyment of music making for each individual and the enjoyment of sharing our talents with others.

Most of us in America have not learned music in a truly traditional way.  We did not grow up hearing our grandfather playing his fiddle by the hearth, our mother singing us to sleep with old lullabies.  We listen and learn from recordings, radio or TV, electronic devices.  We too rarely have that face-to-face transmission from one heart, one soul, to another; that intimate, powerful contact that is at the very heart of the human experience.  We in the WFB like to think that we are cultivating something of that experience, and surely, we feel the wonderful reward of sharing music directly with youngsters and their families.

Traditionalists will say Irish music is not meant to be taught in groups, in a classroom setting. It is not to be learned from musical arrangements in books.  And surely to write these tunes down, these mysterious elusive tunes, is to fossilize them in a way, to pretend there is only one way to play them.  But most of us do not live in a society where there is an unbroken living tradition to draw from.  Folklorists would call us Revivalists: we receive the material second hand, removed from its original context, and create a shadow of what was there before.

While it may seem to some that the way most of us play Irish or Old-time “Traditional” music is anything but traditional or authentic, we are most certainly engaged in the process of building new traditions upon the old ones, honoring them when we can, replacing them if they can’t work for us.  A common misconception about folklorists is that they strive to preserve the old, and surely that is an aspect of their work.  But much more important is to celebrate and foster the process, and that is really what we are working for in the WFB.

Scott says that by teaching these tunes he is cultivating a garden.  As much fun as it is to choose, learn and play these tunes, the true joy comes from spending time in the garden, creating a community of gardeners, to engage the power of the experience of human creation in a society which has developed a sad habit of just watching, or just purchasing.  Music is the tool we use, but not the true product of our work.  Our ideal is to put music in the hands of our students as an avenue to share their spirit with each other, and with their listeners, and their students, and theirs, to create for all, the joyful process of making and sharing the essence of the human experience.

2018 Summer Fiddle Camp 

The Walker Family Band faculty and staff have learned over the past 15 years to allow plenty of room for fluidity in our week…and this is not a reference to the “Monsoon of 2013″ although fluidity was indeed more necessary than ever that year! We have simply come to understand that our camp is not OUR camp but as a different group gathers together each year, it becomes YOUR camp. We really like this effect, so over the years, we have often changed the schedule, perhaps added some stuff to enhance and tailor the experience, to make each camp unique rather than replicate what we do exactly from year to year.

Limiting enrollment to a relatively small number of families and individual participants makes our camp feel almost more like a big family reunion where everybody can enjoy a week of friendship and relaxation. This intimacy creates an environment that allows us to “get into a rhythm” once we’re on site and provides the opportunity for us to customize each camp week in a way that values the musical interests and social experience of our group as a whole.  Hopefully, you will like this easygoing approach as much as we do! Although our music classes feel relaxed, friendly and fun, to quote one of our parents, “There is an insane amount of high level instruction that happens at this camp!”

DATES: July 1st through July 7th

Our Family Camp includes a broad variety of Advanced and Intermediate classes; classes for players new to traditional music, just getting started, or interested in trying a new instrument; and classes designed to include non-musician family members and friends! Improv, Irish and Old Time Sessions are a daily highlight.

Try Song Writing, Jam Band, Slide Guitar, Chamber Ensemble, Pottery, Dance, Yoga, or join in a camp wide Capture the Flag! Plenty of activities for very young children are scheduled. Collaborate with friends and faculty members for the Showcase Festival! Enjoy a traditional Contra dance night; sing along on bonfire night; dance into the night at Techno Contra! And join hands in service to our host, BRCC on our nature trail improvement project!

Read more at The Walker Family Band.  Then Sign up! Registration forms, class descriptions, daily class schedule and pricing are all downloadable on the workshop menu. 

The faculty of The Walker Family Band Summer Fiddle Camp are not only amazing performers, they have many years of experience as skilled teachers. Careful preparation and planning, along with our experiences with successes and challenges of previous camps, have enabled us to grow each year and provide what we hope will be a meaningful and memorable music camp experience for everyone who shares this week with us.

We are excited to offer a schedule this summer that features new classes we think you will find challenging and fun.  We also pay a lot of attention to grouping musicians so that class sizes stay small and our faculty can plan stimulating music exploration for each class while enjoying the luxury of interacting on a personal level with each person in their class. 

Please utilize the suggested guidelines on our website to complete your registration. Appropriate class placement supports our teachers, other camp participants and families, and provides the best opportunity for each musician to enjoy his or her best possible camp experience throughout the week.

SEE YOU AT SUMMER CAMP!   Check us out on Facebook!

If you would like to make a Scholarship Donation to help send a deserving student to camp, please use the form below to contact Blowing Rock Conference Center. Your gift is tax deductible and most appreciated. 

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